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Best Usage You Can Have for the Perfect Dildo

As practice shows, buying a dildo in a sex shop is only half the battle. The women face the most important hurdles in using a dildo.So, the rubber giant is in your hands. It’s even daunting to think how it can be used for peaceful purposes. It is only calmness. The main thing – do not try to repeat what you once saw in porn films immediately. Actors of video for adults are much more prepared in questions of using dildos in both figurative and direct sense. Oh, to someone, and they do not threaten labour corns for a long time.

First meeting                                                                            

Before the first application of a dildo, many need to be mentally and physically prepared. Mainly if you chose the biggest dildo in the sex shop, just what you found, do not go hungry in the grocery store.

At first, while you are not yet sure of your reactions, it is better to use not very large in size soft latex or gel “sexual members” with a sliding surface. Moreover, even better a dildo from the material “living body” (“cyber skin”), which quickly gains the right temperature from your hands due to the unique properties of this material.

At first, it is better not to use a dildo too actively. For those who had not previously been personally acquainted with such devices, moderation and gradualness would be more appropriate. Even if you consider yourself to be extremely experienced in sex, love experiments in bed still not in a hurry.

Preparation before “launch.”

To avoid micro-trauma when using a dildo, prepare your body for the upcoming sexual experiment. Before using the dildo, do not forget to lubricate the genitals generously. Lubricate the large and small labia, clitoris, and the entrance to the vagina. Will not prevent lubrication and inside the vagina itself after all this is a very vulnerable organ. Lubricate the perineum the area between the lower edge of the lips and the anus. If you use an anal dildo, by itself, you need to lubricate the anus as much as possible. The abundance of lubricant will protect the delicate mucous membrane from scuffs and micro-injuries with intensive use of the vibrator.

  • In the process of lubrication, you, of course, can already quite strongly be excited. Use the lubrication process for both pleasure and preparation for the process, and to search for the most sensitive erogenous zones. On these zones, you can first “walk” dildo. You should be as relaxed and excited as possible. After that, try to “start” the dildo inside.

You may be pleasantly surprised, shocked, or, conversely, disappointed with the intensity of the first sensations. Remember that maximum pleasure can be achieved only in the case of constant use of a dildo. Also, you need to try different dildos: from different materials, different shapes and sizes to find “your”.