Is No Strings Dating Morally Wrong?

In recent years, there has most certainly been a shift in social attitudes within the dating world. In times gone by, young couples met through family and friends, or at local bars and clubs. Social circles were small, and so your chance of meeting the one was limited due to logistics.


The new contemporary courting culture


With the world becoming increasingly accessible, alongside technological advances, there are now new dimensions to dating. Following the empowerment of the individual in the 1960s, society has become progressively open to no strings dating. It seems that we have now, collectively, reached a peak in this contemporary courting culture. It has become quite normal to search through myriad men and women, with the hope of falling upon that someone special along the way.


This doesn’t necessarily equate to the death of the family structure, however. What it does indicate is that men and women alike are now waiting until later in life to settle down. Between couples, loyalty is always a good thing. But, thanks to useful tools such as online dating, we can now expect people to test the waters a little more, and hunt for the one before making any long term commitments.


A decline in divorce rates


After some time in the game, and after weighing up your options, it is likely that well-matched couples will fall into something more serious, quite organically. Throughout the last three decades, society has become more accepting of couples living together before marriage. Premarital cohabitation allows you to truly get to know someone before making the decision to marry.


Thanks to cohabitation, the current number of couples choosing to tie the knot is at a new high. Yet, the number of couples looking for a ‘get out’ has significantly diminished. The most recent study from the Office for National Statistics shows that divorce rates are at a 40 year low. Only 111,169 divorce settlements were granted in 2014, a further 3.2 per cent decrease on the previous year, in which divorce rates also fell by almost 3 per cent. This bucks the longstanding trend of low marriage and high divorce rates. Perhaps something can be said for the evolution of no strings dating.


Made to go the distance


But, is no strings dating morally wrong? In years gone by such activity along with ‘living in sin’ would have been undoubtedly frowned upon. Today, it seems that it is more acceptable to adventure a little on your quest for true love. Make the most of online dating on your journey through singlehood; have fun and find your fuck buddy on Sex With No Strings. In return, you are bound to enter a relationship that is made to go the distance. In reality, no strings is a small price to pay.


Stats don’t lie; divorce is on the decline, which means good things for the longevity of love. It is likely that a combination of no strings dating and premarital cohabitation is the answer to marital success, leading to lifelong happiness. Who can argue with a formula for true love?